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Frequently Asked Questions in Lanexa, VA


How do septic tanks work?

Generally made out of fiberglass or concrete, most tanks generally hold 1000-2000 gallons. The waste from your home flows into the tank, where anaerobic bacteria break it down into simpler and safer chemical compounds. Anything heavier will drop to the bottom of the tank (such as sludge), while the lighter materials float to the service (such as scum). The remaining contents flows through a pipe into the perforated pipes in the leach or drainage field, an area usually containing 1-inch gravel. The liquid then flows out through the holes into the gravel area, and from there out into the surrounding soil.

How often should I service my septic tank?

The size of your tank is very important to know in determining what sort of schedule you need for pumping, but the industry standard is once every 1-4 years. Annual pumping may seem like a high cost, but when compared to the rising cost of city utilities (if they are available in your area), the piece of mind in knowing your tank is working perfectly is all the more valuable.

What can happen if the tank is not serviced?

Failing to service your septic tank is similar to driving a car without replacing the oil - eventually, something will break, and may even break badly! Unfortunately, there is not a magical solution to remove the sludge from the tank, as even after the bacteria have done their work, sludge still remains. If the tank is not serviced, it can overflow into the drain/leach field, contaminating the soil and resulting in both cosmetic and hygienic problems for your home and family.

How can I find where my septic tank is?

We are more than happy to show you where the tank is located when we come out to do our servicing, but if you would like to locate it yourself, you can generally contact your county's health department and ask for the drawing provided by the installer when the permit to install the tank was given.

I have a fairly small tank. Do you have a size requirement for service?

No job is too big or too small. Our equipment is designed to accommodate tanks of all sizes, and we can do conventional systems as well as aerobic systems. We have a large capacity vacuum truck that handles nearly any job! What A Homeowner Should Do If The High Water Alarm Sounds. Some septic have a pump to pump the wastewater to the drain field. The pump is equipped with a high water alarm to alert the homeowner of a problem with the pump. If the high water alarm sounds or warning light is flashing please do the following.
Locate the alarm panel, some homes have the alarm outside and some have the alarm inside, and push the silence button of toggle switch on the alarm. This will silence the alarm but will not fix the problem.

Do not open the control panel due to risk of electrocution.

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